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UF Membrane

Characteristics of PVDF OF Membrane

  • Stable high water quality by complete removal of virus and pathogenic microorganisms
  • High tensile strength and small in size but uniform distribution of micro-pores
  • High penetration flux enables driving at low pressure
  • Maintains physical properties even in chemical cleaning with outstanding chemical resistance

Hollow- Fiber Membrane

The membrane was developed by DEERFOS MEMBRANES on the basis of its own technology. It has high tensile strength and a uniform size, and completely performs the removal of micro granular particles, germs, and pathogenic microbes. Also, DEERFOS MEMBRANES introduced the system of thorough quality management including simplification of manufacturing and minimization of defect rate to produce high-quality membrane.

Specification of UF Module

UF MODULE DFU-0407D  DFU-0830D DFU-0852D    DFU-0860AS
Effective Surface Area m2 7 30 52   60
Designed Flux [M3/hr] 0.2 - 0.7 1.2 - 3.0 2.0 - 6.2   2.2 - 6.6
Dimensions Hmm 90 x 1.230 200 x 1.475 200 x 2.155   200 x 2.155
Membrane Material  PVDF PVDF  PVDF    PES
Housing Material UPVC
Patting Material  Polyurethane + Epoxy
Gasket Martial NBR
Weight [water filled/empty]-kg 15/8 50/25 70/40   80/50
Max. Inlet pressure [kPa] 300
Max. operating TMP [kPa] 200
Max. Temperature ['C] 40
pH Range [Operating] 02-Sep
Flow Direction  Outside-to-Inside
Filtration Method  Dead-end or Cross- flow
Filtrate Turbidity [NTU] < 0.1

Advantage of UF Module

1. Large-scale module with high permeability

 Large-scale module with high permeability enables high flux compact installation space.

 2. External Pressure and Dead-end or Cross-flow Filtration Method

An external Pressure type filtration is efficient to filter the raw water of high turbidity. Both dead-end filtration and cross-flow filtration method can be chosen as per the water quality change of raw water. 3. High Safeness

The module is made of safe elements that can be used for drinking water production. As nominal MWCO I 50kDa. it is suitable for removing Colon Bacillus and Pathogenesis Microzon. Such as Cryptosporidium.

4. Small footprint and high recovery rate

The module structure that achieve high installation density realize small footprint. The unique backwash method ensures high recovery rates of 95%, or more

5. Long life span and chemical resistively 

Hollow fiber membranes manufactured with PVDF proprietary technology provide superb mechanical strength and chemical resistance.


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