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Stack Monitoring System

The TRIBO.dsp U3400 is the industry's first two-wire, loop powered, wide dynamic range emissions or flow monitor for both high and low temperature applications. Automatic offset/drift tracking eliminates the need for periodic manual drift or zero adjustment. Auburn's industry leading technology also provides an automatic probe contamination check standard on all TRIBO.dsp units. The U3400 indicates when a battery or bridging effect is detected (i.e. moisture or particulate matter accumulates on the probe). The U3400 is simple to install and requires no set-up or sensitivity adjustments. Created by the originators of electrostatic/triboelectric particulate monitoring technology, Auburn's U3400 is one of the most reliable, easy to use particulate emissions and flow monitoring system available today.

The U3400 is wired directly to PLC's, data loggers, or any control device capable of simultaneously providing 24V loop power while receiving the continuous 4-20 mA signal. The TRIBO.dsp U3400 is often the most suitable and economical choice for large multiple point bag leak detection applications. It is easily installed and connected to PLC's or data hubs for plant wide, data management purposes.

Features of the U3400
  • Two wire system, no line power required, minimal installation costs
  • Continuous 4-20 mA Output • User friendly set-up, log or linear modes easily selected
  • Widest performance range available, use for flow or emissions applications
  • No operator drift adjustment required - set and forget
  • Automatic probe contamination check
Applications for the U3400
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Bag Leak Detection
  • Dust Collector Maintenance
  • Product Loss Prevention
  • Equipment Protection
  • EPA/MACT Compliance
Process Monitoring
  • Process Optimization
  • Gravity Feed
  • Injection Flow
  • Material Flow Control
  • Flow/No Flow Detection

TRIBO.dsp U3000 Series

Auburn's TRIBO.dsp U3000 series of electrostatic/triboelectric bag leak detectors, emission monitors, and solids flow monitors effectively measure dust emissions and dry solids flow from a wide variety of industrial processes.

TRIBO.dsp's Working Principal:

As dust particles collide with, or closely pass by a probe, charge transfers occur. Tribo.dsp series products detect the signal created by the changes in particulate concentration, as in the onset of a bag leak or an increase or decrease in flow. Unlike monitors that use only the DC or only the AC induction signals, thereby using only a portion of the complete electrostatic signal, TRIBO.dsp unified 3000 series combines the benefits of each method, providing the user with a superior reliable and repeatable signal, with electrical interference resistance - even in harsh industrial environments. They can activate operational functions such as alarms and relays or can generate continuous 4-20 mA or digital signals for trending and recording purposes.

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