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MBR Membrane

The DEERFOS MEMBRANES' submerged product is developed as high strength uniform membranes entirely by our own technology which fully removes finer solid particles, germs, intestinal parasites. We are producing high-quality membranes through the specialized manufacturing process and the stringent control procedures.

DEERFOS Submerged Module Element  
Items DFS-10 DFS-15 DFS-20
Effective  Area  10 M   15 M  20 M
Membran Configuration Hollow fiber
Membrane Material PVDF
Membrane nominal por size 0.2 mi
Membrane fiber OD /ID 2.3 mm / 0.9 mm
 Tensile strength  >30 kgf/fil
 Design Flux 0.3 - 0.8 M3/M2.day
 Module Housing Material ABS
Module Potting Material Epoxy + Urethane
Operating Tem 0.05 - 0.4 bar
 MLSS 3.000 - 12.000 
pH 01-Dec
Operating Temperature  1-40'C 
High Flux
  • Performing high flux by hydrophilization
  • Reinforced composite membrane which has supports.
Minimized footprint
  • Providing flexible & compact design with block-typed modules
Chemical resistance
  • Offering high chemical resistance through PVDF membrane
Effective aeration structure
  • Reducing membrane fouling by air diffusers which are in lower part & central part
Other Specifications
Sewage treatment field
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Individual Sewage Treatment
  • Septic tanks combined with membrane
Industrial wastewater treatment field
  • Organic wastewater treatment
  • Livestock, manure wastewater treatment
  • Electronic, leachate wastewater treatment
Water reuse field
  • Rainwater reue facilities
  • Wastewater reuse facilities
  • Waste Water reclamation and reusing system
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